Bitcoin and taxes, in 2021 – How will the French tax authorities chase you?

The tax authorities, your supervisor of 2021 – As withholding tax is not generalized and irregularities remain, the declaration of personal income remains an essential exercise for everyone. In order to start the new fiscal year calmly, I offer you a summary of the crypto information to have in mind.

Cryptocurrencies, which transactions and which accounts to declare?

For now, the bill ’s finances for 2021 makes no mention of the tax framework changes applicable to digital assets. The only mention of the crypto-sphere is for digital asset service providers.

The taxation of cryptocurrencies in 2021 will therefore be similar to that of 2020 . Remember that the IRS distinguishes casual traders of traditional traders . These 2 statutes have different tax terms.

The assessment by the tax authorities of the quality of usual trader will depend on the frequency of operations as well as the amounts and gains made . Everything that follows is only for casual traders.

Occasional traders have 2 essential obligations:

The obligation to declare accounts on exchanges;
The obligation to report capital gains realized on digital assets.

Any digital asset or fiat fund account held overseas must be reported . However, only the detention is to be declared, not the amounts held. Therefore, this has no impact on your taxation, because it is a pure declarative formality .

The year 2020 was marked by the advent of DeFi, if you have participated in this ecosystem, you surely have gains to declare. Amounts received for activities, such as lending or yield farming , are treated as interest.

The interests as capital income are taxed at the flat tax – Lump or levy Unique (PFU). The 30% rate of the Flat Tax includes 12.8% income tax and 17.2% social security contributions.

Finally, you will also need to declare your income in digital assets . It is important to distinguish between income, what we perceive for a work done, capital gains, what we earn on a successful trade. If you mine or receive a salary in cryptos, you must declare it even, if you do not intend to convert it to fiat.

Note that the calculation of capital gains should be done according to the tax administration formula , which is not the same as that of a trader. To help you in this process, there are platforms and software that do the calculation for you , once you have imported your trading history.

2021 tax deadlines

In 2020, the deadlines for filing tax returns had been pushed back for health reasons. Currently, the 2021 fiscal calendar is as follows:

April 19, 2021: opening of the 2020 online income declaration service;
June 10, 2021: deadline for reporting 2020 on 2020 income by internet;
End of July 2021: receipt of the 2021 tax notice based on your 2020 income statement.
In view of the more than uncertain health and economic context, it is possible that these dates will change before the opening of the 2021 tax season.

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